Latest News from the federation committee
9 / 8 / 2017

Hi all

Just to let you all no that due to ill health Wayne Morton will be stepping down from the role of Secretary/Treasurer/Publicity Officer for the Fife Fancy Federation. and like me i am sure that every one wishes him a speedy recovery.So until something can be arranged Jim Watkins and Mick Gorin snr have kindly stepped in to keep things going, so if anyone needs to get in touch with either jim or mick they can find there phone numbers in the panel judge list of the federation website.Once jim or mick knows more they will keep you updated.

                                                                  2017 shows and results

just a quick update we are now 10 shows into 2017, and to me running this website for the fife breeders and show people all over the world up until now this year as always its a huge disappointment,only 1 club out of the 10 shows have sent there results in,so it seems a federation website really is not needed, i said i would not chase after results or look across different websites to find the results for the people to come to this website and see the results but like previous years i have done exactly that,on the show results 2017 page under each club results you will see who has sent in there results as i have named the persons who have sent me there we will now see at the end of the year if a federation website is really needed.



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